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Basic Requirements for Local and Oversease Employment


Here listed below are the very basic requirements you should need to apply for a job in abroad. I may miss some point but you can post a comment if you want to add more information. I also post some important points for you to know. You find only this tutorial here in Pinoy Pharmacy.

Birth Certificate - I guess everyone seem to have a birth certificate.

  • Name: Other people seem to have a lot of problem on their names. You should verify it with National Statistics office if the name written does not match with your true name.
  • Name of your Parents: Verify also the name of your parents and their marriage license.
  • Birth Place: this is also important so please double check. It should indicate where you are born so that they can trace up with your local registrars office.
You may request this certificate in National Statistics Office. Forms

Valid Passport - dont tamper, wet or do anything stupid on this documents. Protect it with your life. Its one of the most important document you can show to everyone.
  • Issuance: it must be issued by the Department of foreign affairs. Don't fall into fixers offers they will just put you into trouble. If immigration officer caught you with fake documents, they can file a suit againts you.
  • Validity: For me, it must be 2 years validity prior expiry. It give you time to complete your contract before it expires. So if your contract expires then you can go back to Philippines and renew it.
Fee: 500 (regular) + 250 (additional for rush)

Procedure | First-time applicants | Renewal | Fee

NBI Certificate - This certificate is issued by the National Bureau of Investigation. This documents is required to all countries where you want to go to.
  • Purpose: When applying for NBI clearance so to it that you indicate the purpose why you are requesting for this document. If you are going abroad. you should indicate for "TRAVEL ABROAD" and not for "Local Employment".
  • Storage: Dont lose your old personal copy of this document. It make take time for you to recover and request again a new original copy. If expired , carry the old one to renew . This will save you from taking the finger prints again.
Steps | FAQs

Diploma - If you want to them to credit your degree, you should have a copy of your diploma.
  • Original: Get an original copy of your diploma to your school where you finished your college degree.
  • Translation: If there are some ethic writings or non-english content you should request a translation from your school to prevent future discrepancies, denial and refusal of your job application.
Professional License Card/Certificate - If your a professional, a Pharmacist who pass the licensure exam, you need these two documents/card if your applying for a job.
  • Validity: Validity is important when applying for a job. Before applying make sure your PRC card is valid. Have it photocopied, incase you lost you still have the document copy.
  • Authentication: Be sure you have an authenticated copy of your PRC certificate before applying for oversease job.
  • Certificate of Good standing: You can also get this document in PRC. This is to certify that you are still a good pharmacist and did not abide any professional laws and even though you are a ghost pharmacist. LOL
Initial Application | Renewal

Photos - You should be aware that almost all documents requires a photo. Bring a bunch of "UPDATE" photograph of yourself.
  • Size: Be it in whole body, 2 x 2 , passport size, 1 x 1, Visa Size. Dont cut out good photos of your face in your family picture and with your love ones. It can be easily identified that you cut from these pictures.
  • Copies: Bring multiple copies and with and without name tags. Some institution requires name tag on their photos.

I believe this is all for now. I'll update soon some of the requirements needed for successful job application. Happy Hunting!


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