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Basic checklist on how open a drugstore in the philippines

Here's a basic checklist in putting up a drugstore

1. Business name at iba pang dokumento (Department of Trade and Industry)
* business name
* 2pcs 2×2 colored pics
* TIN and fee.

2. Mayor’s permit
* application form,
* DTI business name certificate,
* location,
* pictures,
* fee - medyo malaki depende sa municipality, and fire protection

3. TIN (tax identification number), Bureau of Internal Revenue po yan
* fee
* form 1901
* Mayor’s permit

4. SSS R1, mas mabilis po sa main branch
* R1 form
* DTI business permit
* Mayor’s permit

5. DOLE (Department of Labor and Employment)
* Rule 1020 form
* layout
* vicinity map

6. BFAD (Bureau of Food and Drug)
* Mayor’s notarized petition form
* list of products
* at least 15 Square Meter of space
* reference books e.g. MIMS, PNDF, etc
* prescription book (BFAD)
* generic white label
* dry seal o logo
* Pharmacist Registration Certificate
* Certificate of business registration with BTNRCP
* contract of lease(kung rented ang location)
* pictures ng drugstore with signboard (sure na po ang inyong approval kasi mahirap ng palitan ang signboard - Php10k po yan depende sa klase)
* location plan at floor plan with dimension
* Joint Affidavit - (both owner and pharmacist)

7. Others:
* Accountant (CPA) - siyang magkukwenta ng inyong finances, at mga taxes na babayaran sa BIR. Marami po dyan mga part-timers.
* Pharmacist - dapat licensed. At on-duty siya based on the filed affidavit.
* Sales Clerk 1-2 staff (may experience at isang trainee).
* Rent expenses at insurance lalo na ang building. May maganda, prime location (10k+ advances na talagang mostly non-refundable), may ok lang (10k below), may puwede na (5k below) at may libre kung sa inyo ang lugar. Basta po important factor and location, location, location!
* Inventory - kelangan meron ka nito.

2009 National Pharmacists Convention


Hi everyone! I have received an email regarding the 2009 National Pharmacists Convention.

Here's the a quote from the letter


Dear colleagues and Chapter Presidents:

This refers to our hosting of the 2009 National Pharmacists Convention earlier scheduled on April 22-25, 2009 in three venues in the province of Aklan: Sampaguita Gardens Resort and Spa in New Washington town, ABL Sports Complex in the Ati-Atihan Town of Kalibo and in the world-renowned paradise island of Boracay.

We regret to inform you that the venue for the 2009 convention has been transferred by the National Board to either Manila or Cebu, though a formal announcement to this effect has yet to be received by all of us.
As you very well know, AKLAN CHAPTER or the Aklan Pharmacists Association won in the bidding for the hosting of the convention as voted by the Chapter Presidents and Presidents of PPhA Affiliate Organizations during our convention in Manila.

You may wonder why it has to be transferred to Cebu when during the last two bidding sessions, Cebu manifested its interest to host the future PPHA convention but lost twice. In fairness and with due respect to our fellow pharmacists in Cebu and Cebuano speaking pharmacists and pharmaceutical leaders, we value the beauty of Cebu as an ideal venue for any gathering. But in our case, Cebu was not chosen, to our understanding, because it already hosted the PPhA Convention in 2005.

WE WANT TO MAKE THIS CLEAR. Aklan Chapter has never lost interest to host the 2009 National Pharmacists Convention. Even up to the last minute, we have tried our best to make things happen for all of us... for all pharmacists who wanted to experience what it takes to be in Boracay. Local preparations were already made.
It was the National Board who took the hosting away from the Aklan Chapter even disregarding the feelings and aspirations of Chapter Presidents who voted for Aklan to host the convention.
Days before the October National Board Meeting of PPhA, a letter was forwarded to the Aklan Chapter that voting THRU EMAIL shall be made by the National Board to transfer the National Convention to either Cebu or Manila without the benefit of informing the Aklan Chapter.

True, we have made demands. BUT THESE DEMANDS, to our belief, WERE MADE FOR THE GOOD OF THE ASSOCIATION. We wanted a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the PPhA and the Aklan Chapter for the hosting of the 2009 National Pharmacists Convention to put everything in proper perspectives. Because we wanted that our convention will run smoothly.
We pray that what happened to AKLAN will not be experienced by other chapters. The MOA should have been prepared and approved by the National Board prior to the preparations.

Attached, please find the letters sent thru EMAIL for your information.
In the future, we will still be very happy to accommodate your presence in Aklan. We thank you for making AKLAN YOUR CHOICE AS VENUE FOR THE CONVENTION.

If you want to see the whole attachment click below link
Source: here