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Book Review: Clinical Pharmacology


By P. N. Bennett, Morris J. Brown,

Publisher: Churchill Livingstone
Number Of Pages: 804
Publication Date: 2003-05-27
Sales Rank: 1837318
ISBN / ASIN: 0443064806
EAN: 9780443064807
Binding: Paperback
Manufacturer: Churchill Livingstone
Studio: Churchill Livingstone
Average Rating: 4
Total Reviews: 1

Book Description:

This book is for students, doctors and indeed for all concerned with evidence-based drug therapy. A knowledge of pharmacological and therapeutic principles is essential if drugs/medicines are to be used safely and effectively for increasingly informed and critical patients.

Doctors who understand how drugs get into the body, how they produce their effects, what happens to them in the body, and how evidence of their therapeutic effect is assessed, will choose drugs more skilfully, and use them more successfully than those who do not. The principles involved are neither so numerous nor so difficult to understand as to deter any prescriber, including those whose primary interests lie elsewhere than in pharmacology.

All who use drugs cannot escape either the moral or the legal 'duty of care' to prescribe in an informed and responsible way.

Hi, this is my first post for Book Review. The purpose of this review is to know more about books published in other countries such as the United States. I'll try to post every other day some pharmacy books which will help students, practitioners and other health care professionals in choosing the right reference.

Download link are forbidden but you may search the internet for related links.

It is highly recommended that you buy this book. Do not buy or download illegal stuff.

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