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Canadian Licensure Exam for Foreign Graduates: A Quick Summary


This guide will provide you with information required to become a pharmacist in Canada.
If you are graduated in pharmacy in a country other than Canada and U.S.A and would like to get a pharmacist license in Canada there are some procedures you should follow.

1. Get a Canadian visa. Contact your travelling agent.
2. You should be evaluated by Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada.
3. Pass the two exams conducted by PEBC called "Evaluating Exam" and "Qualifying Exam"
4. Once pass (bott Evaluation and Qualifying exams) you will be given a certificate called ‘Certificate of qualification’ by PEBC
5. Choose the province where you want to practice and English score according to that province regulation.
6. Finish sufficient hours of training in the pharmacy (usually there are 2 stages of training, studentship and internship)
7. Lastly, pass the Law exam (Jurisprudence exam) and get the "Pharmacist License".

Here are the some links.

1. Evaluating Exam
2. Qualifying Exam
3. Proficiency test
4. Studentship Form
5. Studentship fees
6. Intership form

Totoo bang hot spot ngayon ang Canada for Pharmacist? Is it true na yumayaman ang talaga Pharmacist dun o yabang lang pag balik dito sa pinas? How much kaya ang net income ng pharmacist dun? Compared to Middle East saan mas maganda in terms of salary and work oppurtunities?

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