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Neobux payment


Finally, after a long waited clicking effort, Neobux has paid me $2.00 for my clicking activities. Thanks to them they pay instantly.

Here are the screenshots

Here are some guide to help you earn some money too.

1. PAYMENT PROCESSOR. First of all, get an Alertpay or Paypal account. It’s easy and free to join. These are payment processors or gateway to online payments. I suggest you open an account to both payment processors because you might eventually wanna join more PTC sites online and many PTC sites use either one or both payment processors.
Register for free. click here

2. GO TO NEOBUX.COM. To register for FREE, click HERE.

3. PLEASE READ TOS AND Help Section. Being a little informed will keep you from trouble. By the way, a few humour while reading the Help section will make your day a little better.

4. START EARNING! Click “View Advertisement,” start viewing ads for only 30 seconds and get paid! That's it! You should accumulate your earnings to $2.00 to be able to cashout your money.

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