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J-1 US Visa for Students and Professional


I attended today an orientation about US Internship.Consulting firm offers a clinical research internship in the Atlanta, Geogia. J-1 Visa is applied through these methods. Hiring an consulting firm and pay appropriate fee usually about $3000-4000 for the Immigration laywers and $500 for the agency.

The difference between regular and internship work is that some companies sponsoring home, travel and food accomodation for internship program. J-1 visa usually is granted in 3-4 weeks depending on the application.

As a working professional, I don't really recommend this kind of career path going through the internship and paying some huge fees just to learn the Educational and Culture of other country. These type of visa usually last for 12 months which can be extended up to 18 months. After that you are required to go back to your country of origin. You cant apply for another type of vsa. Well, what will you do after that? These, I think are the basic questions to answer before getting into signing contract and paying extensive fees.

If you have more questions, you can post your comments. Thanks.

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