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Scorpion in the Kitchen wall


Last night i was surfing the net and break off to get some water to drink. When I switch on the lights and go to the sink. I came across to see a scorpion near the sink. Yes, you heard me right, SCORPION in the Kitchen. Hey, this is Philippines! What in the world a scorpion doing in my kitchen. So i get me IXUS camera to take a few photos of the scorpion resting on the wall. I climbed on the over the sink to take more shots of it. The scorpion is resting above the tiles. I just got a plastic cup and force the scorpion to move into the cup. After several attempts, I successfully put the small scorpion inside. I'm not sure what kind of specie of scorpion is this but surely i'll try to research more of this in later time. I'll just put it near my computer and observe.

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moorange said...
October 5, 2008 at 5:14 AM  

the scorpion seems common, i killed one in my closet years ago. its body is bit hard when pressed.

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