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Pharmacy Tools


I want to repost this from my friendster blog. Since this is my official blog from now on. This is my first 1st project while im still studying during college. This cd contains different programs, documents, free softwares, and site bookmarks that i have collected for pharmacist. It is currently stored in my cd case in my room. I haven't use it for a long period of time since my cd-rom drive is not working. I dont know why should i repost this cd again. But anyway, atleast my readers of my blog knows that someone is trying to makes these junks. Is it really interesting to hear the title of this cd? Pharmacy tool. Its like super tool for pharmacist. Hehehe maybe i should name it "Junk collections for Pharmacy". Who cares? Maybe a reader of this get interested and call me at my phone to get a copy. Something like "Hey! can i get a copy of your cds? I really want it. Maybe I can send you some blank disk and burn them for me. Please please pretty please". Ok this is all for now, i have something more important to do, I'll repost some more of my cd collection soon when the time has time for me. heheheh Funny quote. I just think of that when Im doing this post.

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